How I Feel About Michael Sam Coming out of the Closet in Football.


Thank you Michael Sam for pushing humanity forward. You deserve a standing ovation from your peers and everyone alike. 

If you haven’t heard yet Michael Sam is an All-American defensive lineman from Missouri and the Associated Press’ SEC Defensive Player of the Year. He is currently projected to be a fourth round pick in this years NFL draft. Football in general is a extremely violent sport, its whole aura rests on how mean and brutal you can be to your opponent. And this marks a very rare time when the player actually comes out of the closet going into the league instead of those who are retired and announce that they are gay.

Quite frankly it was a ballsy move, that we should respect and honor. I expect if Micheal Sam can crack a NFL roster that he will be tormented and teased for his move. BUT it is a huge step forward, Michael Sam coming out now gives more confidence to the little boy in fourth grade who wants to come out but is too afraid. Lets face it, we all want to be accepted in society. No one openly wants to be an outcast, and what Michael Sam did today was give an opportunity for humanity to evolve even further.

“I understand how big this is,” he said. “It’s a big deal. No one has done this before. And it’s kind of a nervous process, but I know what I want to be … I want to be a football player in the NFL.” -Michael Sam

Michael Sam is simply being himself, and for that we thank you, Michael Sam!


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